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Updated: Aug 9, 2020

As many commonly joke,Texas is its own country! We are currently dealing with a worldwide pandemic and Texas was among the first few states to reopen after quarantine. My friends and I are truly Texas girls and we decided to take advantage (while proceeding with caution of course) and road trip out west. It was so much fun and one of the best ways to travel while also practicing social distancing.


Lets get into the details of the road trip. This trip was literally the week of reopening after quarantine so everywhere we went we were practically alone. That made keeping a distance extremely easy.

(Due to Covid, there are places on the itinerary that were unable to visit.)


Day one, we hit the road and ventured to New Braunfels to go tubing. There was a group of three on the water with us but also pretty far away. If you've never gone tubing, I highly recommend it because it is extremely relaxing. Be sure to take snacks, water, and adult beverages! Now keep in mind this was at the start so since then the river has been getting pretty packed, making it much harder to remain at a distance.


Day two, was the cutest experience ever at the Exotic Resort Zoo in Johnson!!! We went to a drive-thru zoo and the animals were all so cute and fun. We got to feed them and love on them. Great activity for a family getaway and for big ole kids like us. Not too far away is Krause Springs, a beautiful spring right outside of Austin. I can still hear the sound of the water.


Day three, we managed to make our way to Odessa the night before and we stayed at one of the nicest Marriott Hotels I've ever been to. Unfortunately, even though it was pretty unoccupied we were unable to utilize the pool which was one of the major features of that particular hotel. We just pushed through to the next destination which was, did someone say, PRADA!!! A girl can only dream to be able to go on shopping spree at the Prada store so we did just that and took on the photo opp like a true baller would lol. We posed to the gawds and didn't buy a damn thing! For those who are unaware, it is just a storefront with a few items inside, not an actual store in the middle of the desert lol.

Day four, the highlight of the trip was Marfa!! I've received so many questions and compliments on Instagram. Thank you for all of the love and support from those posts!! Now lets get into this beautiful property at El Cosmico. There are three lodging options which are a trailer, a tepee, or a yurt. You're probably thinking why would I wanna stay in any of those, right? Well let me tell you, its not some trailer trash hole in the wall stay. This is GLAMPING in all its glory. The trailers are all different, some with color and art, others with wide open windows to see the night stars which were breathtaking by the way. The yurts are huge and decked out as well. And who wouldn't wanna say they experienced sleeping in a tepee!?! If you ever get the opportunity, please jump on it! You'd think we would be totally exhausted following all these cool experiences and we were but that didnt stop us. We ended our trip on top of the beautiful sands at Monahans Sandhills State Park. I've travelled to Morroco and did not have the pleasure of visiting the desert but this experience more than made up for it.


As a flight attendant, I'm able to look up flights and see available seating, which of course, is always subject to change. My girls and I decided on Puerto Vallarta because Tulum, Cabo, and Cancun were not only full flights but full of people posting from the same destination. We figured it would be nice to choose somewhere different and we would also be able to social distance on the flight since it was initially wide open. Boy were we wrong and not only was our flight packed but so was Puerto Vallarta!! Luckily, it is mandatory to wear a mask on flights. Even if that doesn't truly work it definitely offered a lot of peace of mind. Now, I will say that Mexico is doing a much better job with sanitation compared to the US. They completely spray you and your luggage down before entering hotels and resorts and take your temperature. Some of the restaurants even had a full body sanitation machine. Meals were wrapped before serving in some places and buffets were assisted service. In a nut shell, there was tempered glass with customers on the opposite side and you told the waiters what you would like and they'd pass it through a small opening. The level of precautions that were taken for food preparation were handled extremely well.  


Now I'm not sure if many of you have experience with timeshare but let me drop a beware because we got played. It all happened so fast I'm still unsure of how we got into the situation. You exit customs then there are people there to direct you to what should be transportation. (We pre-booked transportation, which I'll get into when I rehash my India trip. It is a travel must for me now!) But any who, we think we are being led to our transportation because the guy who's now feeding us margarita and tequila shots says it will arrive in 15 mins. BOOM! We walk outside to find our actual transportation and we've already put down a deposit to reserve a massage and a boat ride with the tequila man. WE GOT GOT!! We didn't end up doing the massages because we were a bit upset about how they handled the timeshare presentation. So one, you're mad you got suckered into it then two, who wants to spend hours of their vacation sitting in a meeting. Not I! Long story short, just keep walking until you're outside and see your name on the paper unless you are of course interested in purchasing a time share that they will repeatedly say is NOT a time share. In the end, the time spent was not worth the deal we got!


I've only done an all-inclusive once before this trip. I love the comfortability of it and having to take the guess work out of meals, even tho I love to eat lol. But its a nice way to worry about less and just relax. In my opinion, the resort we were at was just ok. The room was nice and very clean, just basic. I would definitely choose somewhere a bit more upscale next time. But given my current work circumstances I'm balling on a budget and it was a comfortable stay. My prerogative was to just get away for a bit, relax, catch some rays and keep activities minimal. Timeshare aside, we did just that.


My friend found two really dope escapes from the resort. The first was IK Restaurant and Bar which features a really beautiful nest if you'll call it that for adults. The service and the drinks were so amazing but the view was absolutely stunning.

For the final evening, we had dinner at La Leche, which is a beautiful all white decor restaurant. I fell in love with the food here. I had the snail with mushrooms as well as the duck. I cannot recommend any dishes because they change the menu every night. The cocktails were prepared with fresh mixers. I may or may not have tossed back quite a few lychee martinis, haha!

 Both restaurants are highly recommended for food, drinks, and photo opps!


Traveling is hard but fun. I don't have a family of my own so I can't fully say if thats harder than traveling with a group of women, but whew chile! I will not be airing any drama but I will say a girls trip is full of personalities and it can be challenging when people are meeting or spending time together for the first time. As an adult, you work through conflict. On a trip, you basically have to work through that conflict whether you want to or not. No one wants to spend their hard earned money and not be able to truly enjoy themselves. Do what you feel is necessary to protect your energy. Skip an activity, take a walk, or even spend alone time in your room. Just try not to remain so down or upset that it spoils the vacation for yourself or others. Many times it can just be a misunderstanding or your nerves being worked so you need to take a step back. But don't rule out communication because agreeing to disagree is also an option. Whatever conflicts arise, try to work it out.


I had no idea that Texas had so much to offer! I will not attempt to sway anyone either way because there are so many what ifs and risks with traveling right not but I truly enjoyed both vacations. I fly for a living and even had reservations about air travel. I don't want to completely discourage it because it is an easy mode of transportation and access to great destinations. But just be careful and travel wisely. So with that also being said, if you choose to travel, you should continuously take necessary precautions, Sanitize/Wash your hands, wear your mask, and if you feel ill just stay home!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my travels during Covid and that you'll return for more of my antics. Like! Comment! Share! Subscribe! 

Thank you to my girls for tagging along with me and celebrating life in the midst of all the madness!

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